Evaluating our pottery in LKS2

LKS2 have spent several weeks designing, refining and making pots based on Prehistoric Bell Beaker pottery. This week, we used our analysis skills to ascertain what went well, what could have been improved and what was difficult about the process. The children also recorded the techniques involved in making their pots and were surprised by […]

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UKS2 Art and RE

This half term, our key question in RE has been ‘Is the Christmas story true?’ As well as discussing which parts of the story require the most faith, we have wondered whether it really matters- and what a Christian can learn from the nativity story. To finish our topic, we have made beautiful watercolour artworks […]

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UKS2 Art- William Morris Oil pastels

During our Victorians topic, we have studied the art and style of William Morris. Today, we used oil pastels to create repeating patterns just like William Morris wallpaper designs. Using black paper really made the colours pop, and we made sure to use simple yet effective designs that would be easy enough to replicate in […]

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Preschool are sticking at it!

We are developing fantastic fine motor skills and learning that we can combine different media to create new effects by practising our scissor and glue use when designing Christmas cards. We are even writing cards to our friends and working on signing our names! ✍️✂️📝

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UKS2 William Morris Art

Recently, we have been studying William Morris- a Victorian Artist who is known for his repeating pattern style of art that was used in home decoration throughout the Victorian Era and beyond. Last week, we used Morris to inspire our own digital art, using mirror images and large floral motifs. This week, we used our […]

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