Year 2 Carousel

What a fun carousel we have had this week! Science experiment on absorbency- which material should Mr Messy use to clear up his spillage? Phonics sentences on the “er”, Maths word problems on doubling and halving, Art 3D balloon making and geo boards pattern making!

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Handa’s Surprise

Year 1 have been reading Handa’s Surprise this week, they looked for clues in the story to work out where it might be set. We then tasted the different fruits that Handa had in her basket and thought of awesome adjectives to describe them. In the afternoon we used collage to make the fruits and […]

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Beware of the dinosaur!

A big thank you to the families of Reception class who braved the Sunday rain to help bring to life our Parkosaurus dinosaur. Sadly Mr Dinosaur wasn’t able to join in with our games but he might wake up when the park shuts tonight…who knows! 😃Ms Steer

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Year 1’s Animal Disco

In class, Year 1 have been reading Giraffes can’t Dance. We have been using this to help us think about one of our school values – kindness. Children thought carefully about how they show kindness and include everyone and we ended with an animal disco using carefully painted character masks from the book.

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