Art Inspired by Nature – Year 2

Year 2 have been experimenting with different techniques to create Autumn pictures. They have mixed colours to create different shades of autumnal colours and applied these with fingers tips to make a ground, practised applying colour with sponges for a sky effect and printed with leaves to create trees. They all worked with such care […]

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Oil spill artwork in LKS2

Continuing to use our Geography work as a stimulus, LKS2 produced some beautiful marbling this afternoon, using water and oil-based marbling inks. We dropped the marbling inks onto the water than moved them around on the surface before carefully laying our watercolour paper on top, submerging it and removing it before leaving it to dry. […]

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Reception Art – Handprints

This month is Black History Month, so we have been reading books from the Big Dreams Little People collection. We have also been thinking about the colour of our skin in class, so today we mixed colours (red blue yellow and white) to make the colour of our skin.

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Printing coral reefs in LKS2

We’ve had such a creative afternoon in LKS2 producing abstract artwork representing coral reefs. In response to our Geography work on coral bleaching, we have used our knowledge of tints and shades and collaborated in order to print out own coral reefs where some of our coral is brightly coloured (healthy) some is paler (stressed) […]

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Year 1 Art – Andy Goldsworthy

This week in Art, Year One took inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy. He uses natural materials from the surrounding environment to create art. We had a go at creating our own Andy Goldsworthy inspired pieces. Year One battled against gusts of wind but we’re proud of their final pieces. The beauty of our natural art was […]

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