Year 1 Art

In Year 1 we have been learning about primary colours. We have used these to make our own pictures in the style of Mondrian. These will be on display in our classroom soon!

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Year 2 Carousel

What a busy week we have had! Activities on our carousel this week included practising writing our numbers, making a prediction as to which material will make the best umbrella in our Science experiment next week, playing “forfeit” Snakes and Ladders where the forfeits are active tasks, making collage letters in Art and putting the […]

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Year 4

Year 4 are back in business and have been doing some excellent learning in our first week. We’ve already started to learn lots about India, our topic for this half term, and have produced some wonderful art and writing inspired by the colourful, mischievous Holi festival. We used a technique called ’tissue paper bleeding’ to […]

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World Cup art

England’s incredible football victory inspired Year 4 to artistic heights! After observing some action shots from Tuesday night’s game, they reimagined them in the style of Keith Haring. Can you spot their Kanes and Pickfords?

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