Art UKS2

Following from last weeks potato print folk art, this week our budding artists went solo- creating their own folk art landscapes using patterns in fine pens. Firstly they planned there design and sectioned out their landscape. Then they blocked each section with a colour and pattern, often linked to arable farming. We think you’ll agree […]

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Art – year 2

Today year 2 were so creative and artistic. After being inspired by the work of pop artist James Rizzi, they made their own amazing collages. They used their imaginations and interpretations of the city we live in to create expressive cityscape collages. Following James Rizzi’s style, they drew buildings alive with detail, cut them out […]

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UKS2 Art

One potato, two potato, three potato four… In Art, UKS2 used their plans from last week and created brightly coloured folk art with potato prints. First, they created their own stamps using a plastic knife to carve out parts of their potato. It was a fiddly task but everyone managed to make their own unique […]

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UKS2 Art

This week in Art, Years 5 and 6 analysed different pieces of folk art. They discussed the shapes, lines, colours and content. In groups, the children worked together to design their own piece of folk art and then they thought about how they will carve their potato next week to make an interesting but achievable […]

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Mosaic Masters in LKS2

As a companion to our Emperors and Empires History topic, we’ve been looking at mosaics as an art form. We began by looking at examples of mosaics from Roman times and marvelled at how well-preserved some of them were. We looked at commonly-used border patterns and tried imitating them. We then saw how mosaics are […]

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Art – Year 2

This week we looked in depth at art work by an American pop artist called James Rizzi. We studied his pictures carefully, noticing how he brings the cityscape of New York to life. We discussed his use of bright colours and remembered that primary colours can make secondary colours. We so enjoyed painting our own […]

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UKS2 Goldsworthy Art

This half-term, Years 5 and 6 have been looking at Andy Goldsworthy and creating their own environmental art by themselves. For our first week back, they were tasked with putting their knowledge into action and worked as teams of three to make land sculptures using techniques of stacking, balancing and weaving. They worked fantastically as […]

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Evaluating our pottery in LKS2

LKS2 have spent several weeks designing, refining and making pots based on Prehistoric Bell Beaker pottery. This week, we used our analysis skills to ascertain what went well, what could have been improved and what was difficult about the process. The children also recorded the techniques involved in making their pots and were surprised by […]

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