Year 1 Art – Inukshuk

In Year One, we has a look at Inuit people and some of the reasons they made Inukshuks. We had a go at creating them using stones (very challenging). We moved on to making the using Jenga blocks and finally boxes! We attempted to make a whole class Inukshuk with interesting results!

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Yr 5 & 6 Art

Year 5 and 6 have been working hard to learn how to draw with one point perspective. They have been creating pencil drawings of a street using a vanishing point where the details disappear. They then used a view finder to zoom in on one aspect of the picture and created a three colour reduction […]

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Contour lines in LKS2

In geography today, year 3 and 4 learnt about contour lines and topography. We had a go at creating some contour mountains, which came out AMAZING! We worked in out pairs to slowly trace and cut out our different intervals before gluing them together.

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y2 Sculpture

Year 2 have been working hard creating our 3D fish. We used piles and piles of newspaper (thanks to everyone who brought some in) to create “shells”, smooth-topped shapes, which we then attached to large cardboard fish. Once we’d built up a nice fat fish shape, we covered the whole thing in layers of gummed […]

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LKS2 Atmospheric Perspective

LKS2 have been exploring atmospheric perspective in Art this half-term. We learned about the background, middle ground and foreground of landscape paintings and discovered how the light hits each part differently to produce a sense of perspective. This made us think about the science of light, and how we see, in order to try and […]

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