Art through school

All classes have been extremely busy with their artwork this half term. Have a look at what each class has been doing below! Year 1 have been focusing on printmaking. This week they have been working on their stippling, cross hatching and hatching to create depth. They have used their stippling skills to make artwork […]

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Year 2 Art – Printmaking

This week, Year 2 explored printmaking and the different ways you can arrange prints. We discussed making jumbled prints and organised prints. Our exploration allowed us to try out creating different shapes and gave us the opportunity to learn from the mistakes we made. All using potatoes!

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Year 1 Art – Inukshuk

In Year One, we has a look at Inuit people and some of the reasons they made Inukshuks. We had a go at creating them using stones (very challenging). We moved on to making the using Jenga blocks and finally boxes! We attempted to make a whole class Inukshuk with interesting results!

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