Paper weaving in Y1

Y1 finished their paper kente cloth art today. First we created bold, simple patterns on coloured paper which we then cut into strips and shared amongst our table group. Then we learnt to weave! By weaving the paper strips through our kente paintings from last week we created some fantastically colourful new patterns.

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Skyping Ghana

On Friday afternoon we had an enjoyable Skype with our partner class in Kumasi, Ghana. We showed them our Anansi artwork and acted out the story of Anansi and the Hot Pot Beans.

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Symbolism in the Christmas Story

Year 3 have spent this week in RE looking at symbols. What are they? How and why are they used? What do they represent? We designed our own symbols in order to give a message to someone else without the need for a shared spoken language. We then talked about symbolism in the Christmas story […]

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Designing kente cloth in Y1

Year 1 learnt about kente cloth today. We recognised it from the costumes worn on stage at the Unicorn theatre, when we went to see the Anansi stories. Today we found out that kente cloth originates in Ghana and we learnt what some of the colours symbolise. We made our own kente cloth using pencils […]

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Anansi Art

Looking closely at detailed patterns, Year 2 have created their very own spiders’ webs. As for their Anansi’s, they used 2D shapes and book illustrations to inspire their craft.

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Black History Month in Year 3

We’ve learned an awful lot about Black History this month – the origins of Black History Month, why it is so important, what it means for us all as citizens of the world and how we can learn from lessons of the past. Together with Year 4, we have focused on Black sportspeople and their […]

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