UKS2 Science – classifying animals

We learned all about Carl Linnaeus and how his system of classification is still used today to group organisms based on shared observable characteristics. Using his methods we created our own classification tree to place different organisms according to their anatomy and properties. After learning all about invertebrates, we watched an incredible video of a […]

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Art and RE in LKS2

In RE this week, year 3 and 4 learnt about the four Noble Truths and Nirvana. We learnt that Buddhists use Mandalas as a symbol of the universe in its ideal form. We then used our art lesson to have a go at creating our own Mandalas.

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Art in RE

LKS2 have been looking at art throughout history from different cultures to see how artists have depicted events involving the birth and childhood of Jesus in different ways. We looked at how different artists used symbolism in their art before creating our own.

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Year 3 Art

Friday was our first time in year 3 that we have used clay to create sculptures! At the beginning of the lesson we let our imaginations go wild. We were able to create a wide variety of things before turning the clay into something even more special.. Once we had a go at learning about […]

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Year 2 Art

Year 2 were inspired by their trip yesterday to create pictures based on the Great Fire of London. We continued learning about colour mixing but this time mixed colours to create a marbling effect. This made our ‘fire’ background. On top of this we placed a silhouette of a London skyline.

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60 Y5&6 children in the hall applying modroc (cotton gauze bandages impregnated with plaster of Paris) to inflated balloons. What could possibly go wrong?! Having gained some inspiration from the ornate Benin pendant mask that they are going to see at the British Museum, the pupils embarked on the task of creating two mask templates […]

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