Art in Ks1

Year 1 and 2 have been very busy this half term, learning lots of new skills. Year 1 have been looking at the artist Kenojuak Ashevak. Using inspiration from her artwork and models Year 1 have been practising their mark making- like stippling. Being inspired by The Big Fish- a 3D sculpture by John Kindness […]

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Art in Reception

We have been using our crafting skills to make pirate telescopes. We have also designed our own pirate flags and refined our line drawing techniques by following step by step instructions. Work in progress…

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Art round up

After a very busy art half term we’ve now got some incredible final projects! Year 3 Inspired by sculptor Louise Bourgeois, year 3 have created their very own wire and fabric insect sculptures! We used a technique called binding to attach our fabric together and connect the wings. Can you workout which is the dragonfly, […]

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Art through ks2

We’ve hit the half way point of the half term and our artists have been very busy! YEAR 3 We have been learning about relief sculptures and pargeting which is creating art in plaster. Fun fact: the Romans used this technique! We also painted our relief sculptures and when we did this we had to […]

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Art in Reception

We have explored Cubism and the artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. We learned that another artist called Henri Matisse saw Georges Braque’s work and described it as being made up of ‘little cubes’! Then, an art movement was named.

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Art across KS2

Every class in KS2 are learning all about 3D art this half term. From learning about different sculpture techniques in year 3 to year 6 considering colour, pattern and texture as they combine their pieces made throughout the half term it’s going to be very busy! Here are some things we’ve already made a start […]

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Spring 1 art

Following on from our previous art post, our artists at St Margaret’s have been very busy and we’d like to share some of the final pieces we created! Year 1 – Creating stencils to use to print. Year 2 – Planning, creating and using their very own printing blocks. Year 3 – Each child coloured […]

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Art through school

All classes have been extremely busy with their artwork this half term. Have a look at what each class has been doing below! Year 1 have been focusing on printmaking. This week they have been working on their stippling, cross hatching and hatching to create depth. They have used their stippling skills to make artwork […]

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Year 2 Art – Printmaking

This week, Year 2 explored printmaking and the different ways you can arrange prints. We discussed making jumbled prints and organised prints. Our exploration allowed us to try out creating different shapes and gave us the opportunity to learn from the mistakes we made. All using potatoes!

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