Preschool 20/5

Don’t lose your marbles Nursery, RACE THEM! Take a look at these fun races I have found for you today and see if you can make your own. If you don’t have marbles or dominoes can you race someone at home in a star jump challenge or a run round the park? How about making […]

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Preschool 15/5

Don’t forget Mr Wilson’s Collective Worship is today 👍. Can you sing a rainbow? 🌈 Today you could explore colour mixing. Red, yellow and blue belong in a family of colours called Primary. When they are mixed together they make a new family of colours called Secondary (green, orange and purple). The question is, which […]

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Preschool 12/5 Bonjour!

So you’ve built a den and now it’s time to pretend that den is in another country. The Go Jetters head to Paris today and I know a lot of you can speak French already. Watch this episode and then decide which country you’d like to explore. Go Jetters, Series 1: 1. The Eiffel Tower, […]

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Preschool 6/5 Expanding Business!

I am so proud of you Nursery class! You have started several small businesses and so far I have seen a garden centre 🌷🌺🌼 a supermarket 🥫🏪 🛒a couple of bakeries🧁🥧 and a shop that seemed to have shoes 🛍AND cake which is music to my ears! Someone even opened a theatre 🎭 . Carry […]

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Preschool 4/5

Good Morning Nursery! Here are some photos of you playing with your friends to start your week off with a smile. The class are doing well on the Epic Reading app and lots of you are enjoying the Seesaw app. Please have a go at uploading photos or comments if you haven’t already and I […]

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Preschool 29/4

Can you have some fun with the rain today? Could you make a paper boat and float it in a puddle? How about recording some music on the Seesaw app that sounds like the rain…there are lots of objects you could shake or tap at home to make the sound of a storm!

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Preschool 28/4

Congratulations to this clever gardener for not just growing amazing veggies but also decorating the pot of one as well ☺️👍 Today I would like you to sort the plants that you are growing into size order. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen any shoots yet, you can always change this to sorting toys, boxes, […]

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