Piatti Quartet

The Piatti Quartet, one of the most distinguished string quartets of their generation, visited St Margaret’s to give a musical end of year treat to our juniors. The 45 minute recital held the children in a spellbound manner as we explored how chamber music works and experienced the joy of listening to it.

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Year 5 Girls Football

The year 5 girls had a brilliant day at AFC Lewisham today in a tournament against 10 other Lewisham schools. They played fantastically, and showed awesome teamwork throughout. Even after playing 8 exhausting games in a day, they were asking if they could play when they got back to school. Their passion is obvious and […]

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Fantastic Feast Of Flutes

The seventh event in this year’s music festival was a look at the inspiring work of our flautists. Miss Heath opened the concert with an enchanting solo before each student played us a range of music from a Japanese folk tune to Greensleeves and the Muppets theme. We were also treated to a Ukrainian folk […]

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Drum Open Day

A truly wonderful day in the music department as parents were invited to watch their child’s drum kit lessons. Feedback has been 100% positive as parents and carers witnessed at first hand the wonderful work that goes on with our drum teacher, Hans Ferrao. The drummers were equally excited to play in front of their […]

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Ks1 Dojo Festival

Thanks everyone for making the dojo festival such a success! The children seemed to have a fantastic time, the adults certainly did too! A HUGE thank you to one of our parents that created THIS… I don’t think we’ll ever manage to top this years festival! The children worked hard for their dojo party and […]

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