Countdown Numbers

Year 4 love challenging themselves with countdown numbers rounds. We do at least one a week in our maths lessons. It’s a great way to practice addition, subtraction, number facts and times tables! Sometimes, we even do better than Rachel Riley! If you would like to practice at home, or even challenge the whole family, […]

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The Human Lifecycle in Year 2

Today in Science Year 2 learnt about the human lifecycle. First of all they decided the order of growth, next we look at pictures of a fetus (none other than Mrs Winchester’s granddaughter due in March!), we got to introduce ourselves to a real life baby (our wonderful volunteer’s daughter), we found out surprising facts […]

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Tudor Portraits

Miss Higgitt tasked Year 4 with the difficult task of creating a flattering portrait of Tudor Royalty (Henry VIII)… good enough to please the King. I hope he likes them, or there may be grave consequences! *gulp* We have been studying drawing in art; learning how to hold a pencil to sketch, and using different […]

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Today is internet safety day and one concern that parents and carers often have is with regard to ‘screentime’. have a really helpful guide that you can read by clicking here.  

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