Fred Talk!

Fred the frog has been helping us out today with our sounds. We even helped him by making words after he sounded them out!

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Farewell Mrs Woodley

It was an emotional farewell to a member of the St Margaret’s Lee community who has given so much and will be greatly missed. Goodbye Mrs Woodley. Enjoy your very well-deserved retirement. 🥲🙏🏼🥰

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Self-Protraits Year 6

Year 6 have been honing their drawing skills this half-term. From talking about value, shape and form; to practicing shading techniques, they have proven themselves as accomplished artists able to draw from real life. The project culminated in a self-portrait, using realism, but enhanced with surrealism – using symbols to tell our personal stories. We […]

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Year 6 Maths investigations

This half-term, year 6 have been getting their teeth stuck into a variety of challenging investigations which encourage them to ‘work systematically’. We start these challenges altogether at the start of the week, but then can return to them again at the end of each maths lesson to provide challenge to all. We investigated patterns […]

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