Y5 & 6 creative writing project

This week, year 5 and 6 were introduced to the creative writing project. It was borne out of feedback from our children, who were asked how we could make writing more enjoyable. A consistent message was that providing more freedom about the content and style of independent writing was key to engaging and motivating them. […]

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Our writing!

Children from across the school presented some of the fantastic writing that’s being going on in class. From kenning poems to news reports, trip recounts to persuasive letters – excellent work all round!

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Photo collage

Using photomontage techniques inspired by German artist Hannah Hoch, year 4 have created some weird and wonderful collages of some famous faces. Can you spot who?

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This was a fairly typical response to the maths investigation set to Y4 today. Taking a systematic approach makes a seemingly complex task fairly simple!

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DT chariot design

We’re nearing the end of our learning about the Romans, but can’t do so without investigating their superb engineering skills. We are spending the next couple of weeks focusing on DT as we make models of Roman chariots. We watched a chariot race and identified what functions a chariot needed to perform. We then made […]

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Riddle me this…

Year 3 have been writing kennings – riddles in the form of poems. Every line has 2 words – a noun then a verb – and they describe something without naming it. Each child wrote 3 kennings and chose their favourite to perform and publish. Our poetry readings were great fun and the children’s performances […]

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