Sun and Fun at the Fair!

We had lots of fun at the Fair last Saturday! Thank you so much to everyone that volunteered and worked hard to make the day a success. And to all of you who supported, donated and came to enjoy the fun!  With Match Funding, the event raised over £2,500 for the school.  That means the school will […]

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Year 6 teachers

Year 6 pupils have been planning and teaching across the school today. They have taken the roles very seriously, with some excellent preparation and a range of teaching styles! We’ve had lessons in drama, sport, maths, science, drama, singing, art and dance. I think they got quite a lot from the experience.

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New teachers in Year 3!

Year 3 have been treated to sessions with new teachers this morning – all of whom look rather familiar… Our awesome Year 6 students have been working really hard to plan lessons for other classes in the school. This select group have been lucky enough to investigate friction and forces under the expert eyes of […]

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Year 4 measurement

In maths this week, Year 4 are getting to grips with different measurements including capacity, weight and length. Today, we had a go at estimating and measuring lots of different objects, fluids and even body parts.

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Iron Man sculptures

Our most recent art topic has been sculpture, so we have been perfecting our technique using wire. It’s really fiddly and takes a lot of practice but I’m sure you’ll agree our hard work and perseverance has paid off. In pairs, we have sculpted The Iron Man, based on pictures and descriptions in the Ted […]

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Today we had lots of fun making cakes! Thank you to one of our parents that kindly brought in bananas strawberries and blueberries for us to make these! I hope you enjoy eating them! We couldn’t help but “test” the fruit before we put them in!

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Symmetrical patterns

This week year 4 have been investigating all things symmetrical. Today, we used pegboards to create symmetrical patterns with different lines of symmetry; vertical, horizontal and diagonal. Can you tell which lines of symmetry our patterns have? Some might even have them all!

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End of SATs celebration…

To celebrate the efforts our year 6 pupils put into their SATs tests this week, we went for a party in the park, with ice cream, drinks and crisps (a short break from healthy eating!) The only rule was that the children had to ask for all their food and drink in French! We also […]

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