UKS2 Science – classifying animals

We learned all about Carl Linnaeus and how his system of classification is still used today to group organisms based on shared observable characteristics. Using his methods we created our own classification tree to place different organisms according to their anatomy and properties. After learning all about invertebrates, we watched an incredible video of a […]

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Year 2 are problem solvers⭐️

Year two took on a maths challenge this morning and had to apply their multiplication and addition skills to solve a problem. They were given 30 ‘legs’ (wooden sticks) and 12 heads (round counters) and had to investigate how many dogs and children were playing in the park. Year 2 were very motivated and used […]

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Art and RE in LKS2

In RE this week, year 3 and 4 learnt about the four Noble Truths and Nirvana. We learnt that Buddhists use Mandalas as a symbol of the universe in its ideal form. We then used our art lesson to have a go at creating our own Mandalas.

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Y2 Science: Habitats around the world

Today’s science lesson took us around the world finding out about 8 different habitats. The children designed and illustrated a poster to show how habitats differ and thought about why an animal’s natural habitat is so important. We were very excited to discover that our ants are beginning to move from their small nest in […]

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Year 2 have been continuing to explore structures, by making bridges with different materials and with different shapes. We have explored making paper channel bridges, and found out that the more layers of paper the more weight the bridge can hold. We have also used pipe cleaners and geostrips, and discovered that a simple rectangular […]

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