Resilience Awards in Year 2

As part of our RE learning in Year 2 we have been exploring courage and resilience. For homework, Year 2 had to choose somebody from their lives and write a Resilience Award for them. We listened to each other’s inspiring stories. After that, we learnt about three people from the current news who have shown […]

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Plants in Year 2

Last week Year 2 continued their learning about plants by enjoying a Science carousel. They made observations of the plants they had left in different conditions for the past week (e.g without sunlight), discovered lots of different seeds and tried to match them to their plants and planted their very own seeds. The seeds are […]

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Year 2 Maps

In Geography yesterday we identified different areas in the school grounds and in our local area. We used google maps to have a bird’s eye view of the school and made our very own maps of our local area using a key!

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