Bacteria v Virus

Over the coming weeks, the children will be learning about microbes, the differences between bacteria and viruses and how we can stay safe from infection. They will also be learning about how vaccination works and the role it has on keeping us safe from viruses, including flu and CoVID-19. This week, children learned that the […]

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Cricket in Y4

To compliment the excellent coaching the children receive from Mr Tobi, we are fortunate to have two cricket specialist coaches working with Y4 for the next 6 weeks. If your child expresses an interest in cricket, please let us know and we can signpost you to a local club.

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Local history

Children in year one and two are learning about school in the past using primary sources including the photograph below of the old school shortly before it was demolished. We are developing our curriculum in KS2 so that children build on this and learn more about the history of the local area. There is a […]

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Today’s message to the children was: If you find reading or spelling difficult, you can still do well at school and beyond. We looked at three famous people who all found reading and spelling difficult at school: Albert Einstein, Richard Branson and author Sally Gardner. The children learned that difficulty with reading or spelling can […]

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I want to be a nurse

We continued our challenge of gender stereotyping today by looking at boys and two professions that historically have relatively low numbers of men: nursing and primary school teaching. We talked about the qualities that nurses and primary school teachers need. We reflected on how there are many boys who have those qualities and should confidently […]

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