Year 1 Art – Inukshuk

In Year One, we has a look at Inuit people and some of the reasons they made Inukshuks. We had a go at creating them using stones (very challenging). We moved on to making the using Jenga blocks and finally boxes! We attempted to make a whole class Inukshuk with interesting results!

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Year 1 Art – Stencils

For Art this week, Year One continued to look at our topic of Print Making. We’ve looked at reverse stencilling, now we’ve made stencils of our own! Look at the result! We can recreate the same pattern over and over again by using the same Stencil!

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Year 1 Maths – Capacity

This morning, Year One started to look at capacity in maths. We were introduced to key words to help us describe if a beaker was empty, half full or full (at capacity). We took an even closer look at our beakers and we discovered, just like measuring length or mass, there are measurements to help […]

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