UKS2 History

Did you know that I’m Ancient Greek time, women were not just seen as unequal, but different species entirely!?! This week we learned all about how men and women were treated in the Ancient Greek city states, and thought about how are lives would be different if we still had the same attitudes as the […]

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UKS2 DT – prototype

Now that we have learned all about mechanism and practices some key skills, we were given a design brief for a CAMs toy. Our toy has to be based around the theme of space, and is for an audience of younger children to teach them about space as well as be a fun toy to […]

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UKS2 Science

When one parachutes from a plane, what stops them from falling to Earth with a bump? Air resistance! In this lesson, we investigated air resistance, and hypothesised how we could increase air resistance to make our parachuter fall slower. Each group investigated a different variable; parachute size, sting length and parachute material. We had to […]

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Aristotle vs Galileo

If you drop two objects from the same height at the same time, which would fall first? Would the heavier one fall faster? Or does the mass not effect the speed of fall. These were two theories devised by Aristotle and Galileo. We investigated the effect of gravity on objects by dropping identical canisters, one […]

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In preparation for making our own CAMs toys, we practiced using nets to create cuboids. Given only the length, width and depth of the finished box, we had to use our reasoning skills to draw the net, making sure the sides were arranged perfectly to make a complete box. As well as drawing and measuring […]

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UKS2 DT – Cams

We have been very excited in UKS2 to be starting our new DT project- designing and making a CAM toy. We looked at some examples of CAMs in motion, and discussed how we thought they worked… using reciprocating motion to produce linear or rotary movement. After, we created research boards of the different CAM shapes […]

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UKS2 Greek Day

We had a great time this week diving straight into our topic… Ancient Greece! For Greek day, we made and tasted some Greek inspired dishes including Greek salad, spinach and feta filo parcels and Greek honey cake. Did you know that The Olympics originated in Ancient Greece all those thousands of years ago? Despite the […]

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Daffodil dissection UKS2

After learning all about sexual and asexual reproduction in plants, we became scientists looking for evidence of how daffodils reproduce. By carefully dissecting the flower, we found both male and female parts (including stigma, stamen, and even ovules!) showing that daffodils reproduce sexually.

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Art UKS2

Following from last weeks potato print folk art, this week our budding artists went solo- creating their own folk art landscapes using patterns in fine pens. Firstly they planned there design and sectioned out their landscape. Then they blocked each section with a colour and pattern, often linked to arable farming. We think you’ll agree […]

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Geography UKS2

This half term, we have been learning all about food growing, from allotments to food miles. For this weeks learning, we have studied two case studies of farming around the world. Starting in North America, we learned about citrus farming in California – where the climate and conditions are perfect for these juicy fruits! Then […]

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