UKS2 at the Unicorn Theatre

Year 5 and 6 headed off to the theatre today to see Pinocchio on stage. It was a phenomenal show which we all enjoyed- some of us even got to speak cat to Marmalade, or were nearly gobbled by a dog fish. Afterwards to went to the river for an alfresco lunch with a brilliant […]

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Bumbles Bees FC take on Lewisham

A big well done to our Year 5 and 6 girls, who attended their first football tournament this Tuesday. The girls demonstrated great teamwork and resilience, going up against some tough competition in chilly conditions! After playing eight games throughout the day, they finished 5th in their group! Once again, we’re very proud of their […]

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Year 6 at the Golden Hinde

We had a great day visiting the Golden Hinde to supplement our history learning. Having learned about Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Drake it was interesting to learn more about his special task and what life was like aboard one of his vessels. We experienced what being a sailor/pirate on the Golden Hinde during […]

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Self-Protraits Year 6

Year 6 have been honing their drawing skills this half-term. From talking about value, shape and form; to practicing shading techniques, they have proven themselves as accomplished artists able to draw from real life. The project culminated in a self-portrait, using realism, but enhanced with surrealism – using symbols to tell our personal stories. We […]

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Year 6 Maths investigations

This half-term, year 6 have been getting their teeth stuck into a variety of challenging investigations which encourage them to ‘work systematically’. We start these challenges altogether at the start of the week, but then can return to them again at the end of each maths lesson to provide challenge to all. We investigated patterns […]

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Year 6 DT- Curry O’clock

After learning about curries all half-term, and developing our hygiene and food preparation skills we put them to the test and made our curries! There were 6 groups and we each had a design brief to fit a curry recipe to. Each group designed there very own bespoke recipe; including choosing which spices and vegetables […]

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Year 6 Politics

With the news of our Prime Minister’s resignation today, year 6 went off script this afternoon and talked politics. Firstly we talked about the events that lead to Boris’s decision to resign- before learning about the system of the UK government and how it works. We found out that there were some very important cabinet […]

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Year 6 Science

Before we head off to secondary school and science becomes more about Bunsen burners and field trips, we have been talking a lot about what it means to be a good scientist. From creating hypotheses and planning fair tests to displaying results and sporting patterns, we are thinking and working like scientists. Today’s hypothesis to […]

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Year 6 @ the cinema

Today as a special treat for all their hard work, year 6 went on an outing to the cinema. Having enjoyed reading Wonder recently, we managed to book a special screening and had the whole screen to ourselves. Thanks for all your hard work this year Year 6- we hope your enjoyed your special day […]

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UKS2 DT- Food

We have just embarked on a delicious quest to Indian to learn all about curry! In fact, the world curry comes from the Indian Tamil word ‘Kari’ meaning a sauce or soup to be served with rice. We looked at world maps and found out that curry is quite a global dish- with many different […]

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