UKS2 Geography

This half-term we are studying the incredible naturalist and geographer Charles Darwin. To kick start the project, we thought like Darwin and took to the playground to make careful and meaningful observations of the living things. “Why do different plants have different coloured flowers?” “How much older is the tree than the shrub beside it?” […]

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Bye Bye Kingswood 👋

We’re heading home! What a fantastic group of children- I’ve been amazed at their resilience and kindness all week long. Thanks for a brilliant week Year 6! On our last day, we headed out in the snow and wind again, maps in hand, to find the way in orienteering. Then we went off to the […]

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Kingswood Day 4

Our last full day at Kingswood was certainly a memorable one. We were hit by a snow and sleet storm but powered on through and found the fun regardless. We hit our targets in archery, attempted Zipline (which unfortunately had to be cancelled as the wind pushed us back and we barely moved down the […]

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Kingswood Day 3

The end of another packed day of Kingswood is nearly over, and what a packed day it has been. We have been busy working on our teamwork, learning new skills and reaching new heights (literally and actually!) We started off with a jam-packed morning with 3 activities before lunch: team games, aero ball and obstacle […]

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Kingswood Day 2

Our first fun filled full-day at Kingswood is coming to a close. We have conquered challenges and pushed our boundaries- plenty to be proud of today! We started off with some problem solving and team tech, learning how to work as a team with clear communication. It was great to see both teams improve over […]

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We made it to Kingswood!

Wahoo! We made it to Kingswood and have already gotten stuck in to the activities. We met our amazing course director Alex for a quick tour before shooting off to our first activities: Nightline and Laser. We had some team bonding around the campfire too tonight, with the obligatory marshmallows and sing-songs. We’re now tucked […]

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UKS2 Science- Light Spectrum

What colour is light? Would it surprise you to find out that light is made up of all the colours of the rainbow?!? And every rainbow has colours in exactly the same order!?! We saw this first hand by shining a ‘white’ light through and prism and onto a CD and saw that the light […]

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Year 6 Art- Surrealism

For today’s art lesson, we studied the above painting which we found rather odd! Why did the man have an extra eye? Why was the tall man blue? And why is his torch shining darkness? We talked about what the artist’s message could have been when making the piece- which began to make the painting […]

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Year 6 -History Detectives

We’ve really been enjoying learning about our local area for our new History Topic- Lee then and now! Thanks to Rev. Tim and Amie, we are able to go up to the church and look for evidence about who used to live in Lee and when. We were lucky enough to be allowed into the […]

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