writing in ks2

What a busy half term we’ve had! For their fiction topic, Year 3 were learning how to write suspenseful narratives, using skills like empty words and speech to show the characters’ feelings. David certain had a rollercoaster of emotions in this story! Year 4 have had a ball writing their persuasion pieces, from formal estate […]

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Year 5 trip to the british museum

Year 5 were lucky enough to see artefacts from the Ancient Kingdom of Benin when we went to the British Museum. We saw the bronze plaques, the ivory leopards, the brass sculptures and the coral jewellery of the Oba, as well as many other exciting artefacts. After exploring the museum and taking a quick detour […]

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What’s going on in writing?

This half term, Reception will be learning about developing character by looking at The Gingerbread Man. Does he ever get caught? Stay tuned to find out! Year 1 will be improving their descriptive writing by learning the Magic Porridge Pot. Will it ever stop?! Year 2 will be learning The Glass Cupboard, which will help […]

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Poetry perfection

Move aside, Wordsworth, Tennyson and Keats! Our latest writing focus in Key Stage Two has been Poetry and from alliteration to personification, we have succeeded in being poetic sensations! Year 3 learned how to use alliteration and powerful vocabulary in their poems. I think this poem perfectly presents what a wonderful school St Margaret’s Lee […]

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Over the past few weeks, Key Stage 2 have been working hard on their writing, with some very exciting results. As it is now half way through the term, we have all reached the stage of our fiction ‘Hot Task’: the culmination of all of our memorising, story mapping, analysing, practising, emulating, and planning. Take […]


Year 5 science

In Year 5, we have been putting our knowledge of properties of materials to the test. Last week, we recapped vocabulary such as: conductor, insulator, magnetism, transparency, hardness, toughness and solubility. This week, we did an experiment to test solubility by making salt solutions. We learned about saturation points and attempted to make saturated saltwater […]

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Year 5 dt- cooking

Today Year 5 made a variety of curries, following recipes that they wrote themselves to fit different design briefs. Some were mild, others were spicy and all of them were tasty! Using their choice of vegetables, spices and either lentils, chickpeas or potatoes, the children made a juicy or creamy curry depending on if they […]

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Year 5 trip to the Grant Museum

Year 5 went on a trip to the Grant Museum of Zoology to refresh our learning about Darwin and evolution. There were so many specimens all packed into one room that wherever we looked, there was always something new to see! From enormous African elephant skulls to snake skeletons to micro-organism slide specimens, we saw […]

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UKS2 Science

Years 5 and 6 have been learning about DNA. DNA is the recipe for a living thing. It determines what we look like from eye colour to height to allergies but it’s so small that we can’t see it without a microscope… unless it’s strawberry DNA and you’re in UKS2! Carefully following instructions, we mixed […]

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