Art Inspired By Nature

This week Year 2 learnt about the artist Andy Goldsworthy. Goldsworthy makes sculptures with natural materials known as land art. Year 2 collected materials from around the school and then used his artwork as inspiration for their own group work.

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This week, KS1 have completed their bookmark templates and have started to make them. The first challenge was cutting the pattern and then starting to stitch the larger pieces. They all worked with great care and showed resilience when faced with challenges!

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This week KS1 have been learning how to make templates in preparation for making their bookmarks. They thought carefully about the sizes, making lines straight and symmetry.

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KS1 DT – Textiles

This week, KS1 have started their DT project on textiles. They have investigated products and learnt new skills such as threading needles and running stitch. They are very excited to start planning and making their own animal bookmark using these skills.

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This week, KS1 have made their final moving picture pages based on the book Handa’s Surprise. They worked hard to include a mechanism to make one aspect of the picture move. KS1 then evaluated their work thinking about what went well and what they would do differently next time.

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Making Prototypes in DT

This week, Year 1 and 2 have made prototypes for their moving picture books of Handa’s Surprise. They used the designs from last week to make them, using either a slider, lever or wheel and then thought about changes they would make when they construct the final product.

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This week Year 1 & 2 are starting to design their own moving picture page for the book Handa’s Surprise. They have decided on the type of movement that they want and the mechanism that they need to include for this. Next step is to make a prototype of the page.

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KS1 DT – Levers and Wheels

This week KS1 have been learning about levers and wheels in our Mechanisms unit. First we learnt how to make holes and cut windows safely and then how to use split pins to make joins. Next, they looked at a range of moving picture examples and explored the movements each would make. They learnt that […]

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Thursday 4th March

Today is World Book Day, the day the nation celebrates a love of reading and shares stories together. Although we are not in school, here are some activities for you to enjoy at home with your families. Share a Story Can you find someone to share a story with today? Video call a relative or […]

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