y2 map skills

Year 2 are continuing to explore maps in their geography lessons. Over the past two weeks we have looked at keys and symbols and how a compass rose is used. Last week we created our own maps of an imaginary island, and filled it up with human and physical features. This week we used Google […]

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y2 Sculpture

Year 2 have been working hard creating our 3D fish. We used piles and piles of newspaper (thanks to everyone who brought some in) to create “shells”, smooth-topped shapes, which we then attached to large cardboard fish. Once we’d built up a nice fat fish shape, we covered the whole thing in layers of gummed […]

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y2: geography fieldwork

Year 2 made the most of the sunny afternoon and headed out with our maps to spot human features in our local area. We found bus stops, shops and housing, roads and paths and even a phone box. We made a key to help us understand all the symbols on the map. We were able […]

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Y2 art: the creation of life

Year 2 continued their art topic this week, looking at Danny Eastwood’s work called “The Creation of Life.” We spotted some similarities this piece has with other indigenous Australian art. We then created our own fish shape, which we painted in a similar style using earthy coloured acrylics.

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y2 art: dotty designs

Our new art topic is all about Indigenous Australian art. Today we looked at different art works, noticing the colours and patterns. We found out how important art is in Indigenous Australian culture and how it was used to tell stories when people couldn’t read or write. Then, using acrylics, we had a go at […]

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y2’s print creation

Year 2 created their final print today, using all the techniques we have learnt during our printmaking topic. We based our work on the prints by Karen Lederer, who uses reverse-stencilled hands in her art work. We were all really pleased with how our artwork looked!

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Y2 science: the human life cycle

Today we discovered all about how humans mature. We put a human life cycle into order and discussed what humans can and can’t do at each stage. Working with our group we created venn diagrams to show how each stage of the life cycle differs. Everyone worked so well with their group. Our final activity […]

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y2 print doTs and spots

Today’s art lesson was inspired by the book, “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds. We made our own dotty stencils by tearing and cutting scrap paper and learnt how to stipple to create our first dots. Then we turned our work around, slid it back under our stencil and used strokes to create another layer of […]

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Y2: choice Chambers

In their science lesson this afternoon Year 2 met a group of friendly woodlice. We learnt about their life cycle, life span, feeding habits and then discussed their natural habitat. We discovered that woodlice are found on every continent except Antarctica! We constructed a choice chamber to find out which environment a woodlice would like […]

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