Art in Ks1

Year 1 and 2 have been very busy this half term, learning lots of new skills. Year 1 have been looking at the artist Kenojuak Ashevak. Using inspiration from her artwork and models Year 1 have been practising their mark making- like stippling. Being inspired by The Big Fish- a 3D sculpture by John Kindness […]

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Art round up

After a very busy art half term we’ve now got some incredible final projects! Year 3 Inspired by sculptor Louise Bourgeois, year 3 have created their very own wire and fabric insect sculptures! We used a technique called binding to attach our fabric together and connect the wings. Can you workout which is the dragonfly, […]

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Art through ks2

We’ve hit the half way point of the half term and our artists have been very busy! YEAR 3 We have been learning about relief sculptures and pargeting which is creating art in plaster. Fun fact: the Romans used this technique! We also painted our relief sculptures and when we did this we had to […]

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Art across KS2

Every class in KS2 are learning all about 3D art this half term. From learning about different sculpture techniques in year 3 to year 6 considering colour, pattern and texture as they combine their pieces made throughout the half term it’s going to be very busy! Here are some things we’ve already made a start […]

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Spring 1 art

Following on from our previous art post, our artists at St Margaret’s have been very busy and we’d like to share some of the final pieces we created! Year 1 – Creating stencils to use to print. Year 2 – Planning, creating and using their very own printing blocks. Year 3 – Each child coloured […]

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Art through school

All classes have been extremely busy with their artwork this half term. Have a look at what each class has been doing below! Year 1 have been focusing on printmaking. This week they have been working on their stippling, cross hatching and hatching to create depth. They have used their stippling skills to make artwork […]

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ReadinG In Y3

Every Friday without fail, Year 3 visit the school library. Today, with the glorious weather, we took our books out onto the grassy bank and had a lovely summer reading session. We hope to do this lots more during the second half of summer term.

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