Y6 History- a walking tour of Lee

It’s amazing how much history is right under our noses, if only we take the time to look for it!

As part of our Local Area study in history, we’ve been learning all about The Second World War and how it impacted London, and Lee. On just a 30 minute wander around the streets that we visit so regularly, we found an abundance of evidence that helps tell the story of what happened to Lee during the war. From faded signs of air raid shelters, to houses that stick out from the rest, next time your walking the streets of Lee, ask a Year 6 student to point out all the hidden-in-plain-sight evidence of the war in our area.

Look closely 👀 Can you see the white lettering that spells ‘Shelter for 600’?
There is no house number 29 on this street! What happened to it?
The ice house in Manor House gardens was used as an air raid shelter
I wonder what happened to the older style houses that used to line this street?

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