writing in ks2

What a busy half term we’ve had!

For their fiction topic, Year 3 were learning how to write suspenseful narratives, using skills like empty words and speech to show the characters’ feelings. David certain had a rollercoaster of emotions in this story!

Year 4 have had a ball writing their persuasion pieces, from formal estate agent texts to informal advertisements, they’ve done it all. Who would have thought shoelaces and tree-houses could be so appealing?

Year 5’s non-fiction topic was informed by their trip to the British Museum and all of the learning they’ve been doing about Benin. First, they had a rousing debate and then some children chose to write their balanced discussion on whether or not the British Museum should give back the Benin Bronzes. What’s your stance in this controversial issue?

In Year 6, the focus has been on character description, with special attention paid to their appearance, actions and speech telling the reader about their personality. Here is one of many very amusing outcomes! I hope we never have to meet anyone like this in real life!

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