Coming up in Spring 2 Science

It’s a busy half-term, as usual, for our St. Margaret’s scientists.👨🏾‍🔬🧑🏽‍🔬

Reception continue to explore the world around them, and with the garden bursting into life as Spring finally seems to be on the way, there are new things to discover every day.

KS1 are learning about materials and their properties. They’ve been doing lots of hands-on investigating to find ways of describing different materials and where they are used around the school. Year 1 have come up with the hypothesis (an idea that we can test) that metal is cold. What do you think? Is that always, sometimes or never true? How could we find out?

KS1 learning vocabulary which will help them describe and identify different materials

Years 3 & 4 are learning about nutrition, skeletons and muscles. Please do ask them to get involved with meal planning – they should be well-placed to tell you what makes a balanced diet (apparently it doesn’t mean one biscuit for each hand, Mrs Peters did ask if that counted). We’ll be finding out what functions our skeleton has and how it works so efficiently with our muscles.

Year 4 learning about food groups

In Upper KS2 it’s all about forces. They have been investigating friction and how that influences the decisions we make in daily life. Why do F1 cars have different tyres when it’s dry and when it’s wet? Why do we wear hiking boots to climb a mountain and not ballet slippers?

Year 6 investigating the effects of friction

Please do ask your child what they’re learning and keep feeding their curiosity. Not only is it fun but can lead to some fascinating discussions.

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