Poetry perfection

Move aside, Wordsworth, Tennyson and Keats! Our latest writing focus in Key Stage Two has been Poetry and from alliteration to personification, we have succeeded in being poetic sensations!

Year 3 learned how to use alliteration and powerful vocabulary in their poems. I think this poem perfectly presents what a wonderful school St Margaret’s Lee is!

Year 4 used personification and drew inspiration from the five senses to make their poems. I sense that our sports coaches would love this sporty poem!

Year 5 worked on linked language, personification and metaphors. This poem below demonstrates the spark of creativity which poetry creates!

Some short metaphorical paragraphs from Year 5.

Year 6 wrote poems which used continuous metaphor and thematic language to convey the power of imagination. Being able to conjure up imagery like this, I don’t have to imagine the bright future in store for these young writers!

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