From Earth to space – Science at St. Margaret’s

Science is everywhere you look at St. Margaret’s, from Reception hunting for signs of spring in the garden, to Years 5 & 6 plotting the waxing and waning of the moon.

Year 1 have been learning about classification. They’ve used an animal making ‘machine’ to make mammals and have been playing Guess Who in order to identify different species. They’ve even been playing PE games based on their Science learning (Dojo point to Mr Wilson for creativity!)

Year 2 told me all about germination when I popped in to talk to them about their learning this week, and Mr George tells me they had a very heated discussion about whether or not seeds are living things based on their knowledge of living and non-living things. Scientists love a good discussion – great work Year 2 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

In years 3 & 4, it’s all about forces and magnetism, and we’ve been trying our very best to get the same poles of two magnets to attract each other. 🧲 🧲 It appears that it’s no good, you can’t bypass the laws of Physics, but you can put magnets to very good use in industries such as recycling.

Upstairs, Years 5 & 6 are studying the Earth in space. Snippets of their song about waxing and waning gibbouses keep drifting down the stairs, and Year 5 have a brilliant, interactive model demonstrating which parts of the moon we can see at any given point in the lunar cycle

It’s really exciting to see how lively and vibrant Science is throughout the school. Our new time lapse camera is going to be a huge asset to our learning, and it’s not long until Science Week 2023 so lots to look forward to.

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