Art through school

All classes have been extremely busy with their artwork this half term. Have a look at what each class has been doing below!

Year 1 have been focusing on printmaking. This week they have been working on their stippling, cross hatching and hatching to create depth. They have used their stippling skills to make artwork linked to one of their science topics – the seasons!

Year 2 have also been doing print making. They have used a range of techniques to explore their printing topic.

Year 3 have been learning about textiles and collages. This week they learnt how pigments can move by using water.

Year 4 are working on textiles too! They are creating a range of surfaces by combining colour, texture and pattern. To do this, they have created looms.

Year 5 are also working on textiles and collage. They are taking inspiration from natural objects to create textile art. So far they have looked at the patterns that bark creates by using a rubbing technique in the park and today they explored how we can use collages to make pictures.

Year 6 are working on their printmaking skills this half term. I’m going to let the artwork speak for itself here. I am speechless!

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