RE 2023

Religious Education has got off to a great start this term. Reception are learning positive values through stories and fables from a range of religions. Their favourite so far has been the tale of the crocodile and the priest- a traditional Sikh story which teaches that being judgemental and thinking we are superior to others will lead to unhappiness. The children made their own crocodiles and have been captivated by the story.

Years 1 & 2 are learning about Judaism and the significance of the weekly Jewish ceremony of Shabbat. They have been working very hard and can talk about why Jewish people rest and worship on Saturdays. Before half term we are planning to cook some Shabbat recipes – updates to follow.

Years 3 & 4 are looking at life as a Hindu and how Hindu children and their families show commitment to God. They will be visiting the Lewisham Sivan Kovil temple (pictured above) in February.

Years 5 & 6 are learning in depth about Sikhism. We have looked at the important Amrit ceremony – part of becoming a Khalsa (pure) Sikh and carrying the 5Ks (a comb, replica dagger, eternity bangle, shorts and keeping hair sacred in a turban) as a way of showing commitment to Sikhism. We are about to learn more about the Gurdwara (the temple), the Sikh holy book and how Sikh’s serve their community in order to show God’s love. The children have shown great interest at looking at a religion that may be different but also similar to their own. They are looking forward to visiting the Gurdwara after half term.

Next half term all classes will be looking at and inquiring about different aspects of The Easter Story and the importance of Easter in Christianity.

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