Year 6 DT- Curry O’clock

After learning about curries all half-term, and developing our hygiene and food preparation skills we put them to the test and made our curries!

There were 6 groups and we each had a design brief to fit a curry recipe to. Each group designed there very own bespoke recipe; including choosing which spices and vegetables to use. They had varying levels of spice and different ingredients, but all were delicious.

We tasted and evaluated our own group’s curry, by thinking about different areas of strength and some areas to improve if we made it again. We used a star diagram to assess the curry in different areas, like aroma, texture and spice.

We also got to try each other’s and browse each other’s recipes to see if there were any bits we could use to improve our own. We each enjoyed different curries, and definitely found out how different they can be from the same basic recipe.

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