Year 6 Politics

With the news of our Prime Minister’s resignation today, year 6 went off script this afternoon and talked politics. Firstly we talked about the events that lead to Boris’s decision to resign- before learning about the system of the UK government and how it works.

A visual representation of how the House of Commons works

We found out that there were some very important cabinet positions available, and decided to have a hand at them! In groups we were given a governmental department to become and discuss the issues that we thought were most important and how we would fix any problems.

There were some brilliant, mature and thoughtful issues raised;

Our department for health wanted free covid tests back as the rising rates of covid are back.

Our department for the environment felt that electric cars were too expensive and should be made cheaper if carbon emissions were to decrease.

Our housing ministers wanted houses to be redeveloped rather than demolished to save costs and make housing more affordable for homeless people.

Our transport secretary wanted to ensure train personell were paid fairer wages in response to the rail strikes last week.

The education department demanded that they received increased funding for books for all children.

Our police and justice team reasoned that there should be tighter tests and checks on any new police staff to ensure that systemic discrimination is ended.

Our treasurer had lots to say about the costs associated with other proposed policies- but suggested raising taxes for higher earners to increase spending on education and health care.

After each department made their proposals, there was an opportunity for our other ‘MPs’ to debate the issues and vote on whether the proposals should be upheld with an ‘aye’ or a ‘no’ just like in the House of Commons!

A special note from Miss Higgitt: It was such a privilege to witness such eloquent and understanding citizens in this lesson- I have a lot of hope for the future if these young people are the next generation of policy makers!

Our minister for education making his passionate proposals!

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