Year 5 dt- cooking

Today Year 5 made a variety of curries, following recipes that they wrote themselves to fit different design briefs. Some were mild, others were spicy and all of them were tasty!

Using their choice of vegetables, spices and either lentils, chickpeas or potatoes, the children made a juicy or creamy curry depending on if they added chopped tomatoes or coconut milk.

First, everybody washed their hands, tied up their hair and rolled up their sleeves. Food hygiene is crucial! Then, the vegetables were chopped using the bridge hold and claw grip. Finally, the ingredients were added to the pan and were left to simmer.

After making our curries, each group evaluated their own, thinking about the heat, flavour profile, texture and veg-to-sauce ratio. Everyone then had an opportunity to try each other’s. One curry in particular was a bit too fiery for some people!

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