Year 2 science: traffic light food labels can help us have a balanced diet.

This week in year 2 science we looked at what humans need to stay healthy. We started by recalling what plants need to thrive and compared these factors to what humans need to thrive. This led to healthy discussion about what we eat and why we need a range of different foods to keep our bodies healthy. The children already knew so much but were hungry for more information. In the second half of the lesson we looked at traffic light food labelling which is designed to help us make informed choices about what we eat. Year 2 were skilled at analysing data and obtaining important details from the labels- recognising the significance of the red, amber and green coding in a achieving a balanced diet. We were surprised that some foods we think of as healthy are actually high in sugar, salt and fat. We all agreed that our school fruit snack each morning is a great unprocessed, natural healthy snack!

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