Year 6 Science

Before we head off to secondary school and science becomes more about Bunsen burners and field trips, we have been talking a lot about what it means to be a good scientist. From creating hypotheses and planning fair tests to displaying results and sporting patterns, we are thinking and working like scientists.

Today’s hypothesis to prove was ‘Taller people have bigger feet’. After discussing how best to conduct the investigation and produce reliable results, we started measuring our height and feet ready to share as a class.

We used solid whiteboards to create a flat surface to read the heights from.
We measured feet accurately against a wall rather than asking people what size show they wear because they could wear ill-fitting shoes

Afterwards to compiled our data into a table of our own design before plotting the results on a graph. We had to consider axis, scale, and finally using a line of best fit to spot the overall pattern . The graph told a story and ended up proving our hypothesis.

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