International Day Update

I’m really glad to hear that you are all talking about it! It’s going to be a lovely celebration. Here are some answers to your questions and I will be back on Monday if you’d like to come and talk to me about it.

Is it a festival? Well, the children will be doing activities in the week before it so that they can decorate the hall and playground with their art. On the day itself, parents and carers who have volunteered to do food stalls come in in the afternoon (see school email/newsletter last week for timings) to set up and manage the stalls in the hall. Then the classes come down in groups to sample the food and listen to music.

In the playground we set up craft stalls so that parents, carers and teachers who have volunteered to bring a craft or work on a stall teach the children new skills or traditional crafts from different cultures.

We don’t open the gates to the whole school like in the May Fair. The best way to describe it is like a Street Feast party with arts and crafts to be learned.

If you want to participate on the day, drop off a slip or come and talk to me. It would also be lovely if you would like to organise surprise Zooms for your children from family or grandparents who are in another country and can teach us what life is like there. Speak to your child’s class teacher about this. Let’s reconnect 🌎. If you would like to Zoom read a story/ traditional tale that would also be happily welcomed!

Here are some ideas that you may be able to help with:

Can you henna hands? Do you know or are you in a band?! Do you have large materials like saris or prints from other countries that we could decorate the hall with? Do you know a traditional sport that you could teach a group in the football cage? Can you teach a dance? Can you plait or weave and show children how to? Can you teach us a song? You are all a wealth of knowledge and we are very grateful for all that you bring to our school. Get involved! And yes, you can win Champagne or a pamper package 😊AND have fun volunteering.

More than anything we need food volunteers. Food, food, food, food, food! 🌮🍝🥘🍲🧁🥟🍜🫒🌶🍍🥑But NO 🥜🌰nuts, I’ll provide food card labels on the day so you can list ingredients.

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