UKS2 DT- Food

We have just embarked on a delicious quest to Indian to learn all about curry! In fact, the world curry comes from the Indian Tamil word ‘Kari’ meaning a sauce or soup to be served with rice. We looked at world maps and found out that curry is quite a global dish- with many different cultures having their own versions; from Jamaican curry goat, to Malaysian Rendang, to UK’s tikka masala.

We researched the world of curries using physical and online recipe books looking at which spices were most common. We found cumin, ginger, garam masala, garlic and many more were found in loads of the curry recipes we looked at.

Having found out all about these aromatic spices, we were excited to be able to sample them in real life! We were given sample pots of 8 different spices to see and sniff, and recorded in teams details about the aroma’s profile and whether it smelled familiar. Interesting, hot spices like chilli didn’t smell very strong at all, but other spices like turmeric and star anise were very pungent.

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