GEography in LKS2

Last week Year 3 and 4 learnt about erosion, deposition and transportation. We took our knowledge into the playground to make these amazing processes happen.

We put our trays of sand on an angle to let gravity work its magic when pouring water into the ‘source’. After two controlled pours, we tipped the water into the trays as quickly as we could and to our surprise it created some floodplains! We then placed some rocks into the path of the river to create a meander in the river flow.


To recreate deposition we put some ’riverbed’ into a jar and added water. We stirred the water to imitate a river flowing, the faster we stirred- the more riverbed it picked up.


By using guttering and some riverbed, we were able to see how fast flowing water moved sediment from one place to another.

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