St. Margaret’s Science Fair

Monday’s Science Fair was St. Margaret’s at its finest – staff and children alike showing off what creative, confident, knowledgeable learners we are and what brilliant communication skills the children have.

The playground and hall were a hotbed of activity, from Year 5’s mouldy bread (and very testing classification quiz) to Year 1’s sorting animals. We discovered that Nursery have been dissecting flowers whilst Reception have been drawing them (and caring for our ducklings and watching how fast they’re growing).

Year 2 showed that woodlice prefer to live in a dark and moist environment, whilst moisture was appearing on the other side of the playground as Years 3 & 4 demonstrated their model of the digestive system and lots of fascinating facts about sound.

Year 6 were all about light and shade, proving that light travels in straight lines and how shadows are made.

It was such a buzzing, exciting afternoon and the children were so keen and capable when showing off their learning.

Science isn’t just for Science Week at St. Margaret’s – keep asking your children what they’re learning – they are superb ambassadors for science in all its wonderful variety.

Nursery’s seeds and flower dissection
Reception’s scientific drawings
Year 1 teaching us how to sort animals by their characteristics
Year 2’s woodlice making themselves scarce!
Years 3 & 4 making a model of the digestive system
Year 5’s mouldy bread investigation
Year 6 demonstrating that light travels in straight lines

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