How do you change the volume of a sound?

It seems much longer than 3 days ago that Year 4 were in the sunshine investigating volume. It was such a glorious day, and we were going to be noisy, so we thought the only sensible thing to do was to take our learning outside!

We know that sound is created by a transfer of energy and by vibrations. We discovered that, the greater the amount of energy, the louder the sound.

We also discovered that the greater the number of particles vibrating, the louder the sound, so however hard we made the tiny cymbals vibrate, we still couldn’t match the volume of the larger cymbal as it contains more vibrating particles.

We were surprised and intrigued to find out that you can silence a cymbal or drum as quickly as you can make a noise with it by using your hand to stop the vibrations and therefore, stop the sound.

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