Reception – R.E

It was quite a beautiful day today in Reception!

Yesterday we had the difficult chat with the children that one of our ducks had sadly died and gone to heaven. We spoke about how our loved ones look down on us from heaven, how they think of us, and when we are feeling sad or need strength, they will send us their love and send us strength. We spoke about how a loved one will also send you signs that they are thinking of you during tough times, and one sign may come in the form of a white feather. We said a prayer for Daisy too.

Today when I came to collect the children from break they were lined up (beautifully in register order!) and very excited to tell me “Look Miss Sheppard Daisy has sent us a message from heaven!”

We would also like to say a HUGE thank you to year 1 for their beautiful messages, they brought a tear to my eye this morning when Mr George showed me! You are very kind and caring children, thank you ❤️

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  1. Beautiful 😍. Can’t tell you how special these blog posts are. And the ducklings have captured all the parents hearts!!

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