Can you make a drawing dance?

More Science Week fun in the playground at lunchtime. Today, we made a drawing dance.

We drew a stick figure on a porcelain plate using a whiteboard marketer, then poured water on it. The drawing began to ‘dance’ and finally lifted off the plate and floated on the water.

Usually, a teacher’s heart sinks when children say, “I’ve seen this online.” I was delighted to hear that some children are watching Science videos online and that they were so keen to investigate in real life and to find out how it works.

Whiteboard markers are insoluble (don’t dissolve in water) which is why they keep their shape. They also have low adhesive qualities (they’re not very sticky) which is why they can be wiped off whiteboards. It also allows the water to make the drawing ‘come to life’ and float rather than sticking to the dish.

I did make it very clear that it is not OK (even in the pursuit of scientific enquiry) to start drawing on plates at home! 😄

Guitar skills from our drawing 🎸

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