Year 6 World Book Day

When given the choice between being right and being kind… choose kind! – Dr Wayne Dier, published in Wonder

What a fantastic day! It is such a privilege to spend a day immersed in all things books with a class that are so enthusiastic and share such a love of books too!

After an inspiring assembly from a real life author we went back to class to analyse some of her poems and to dig deeper into the writing process and meaning of her poems.

It was lovely to spend some time with Year 2 reading with them. We talked about our favourite books and characters and listened to them read. What a treat!

In year 6, we have been lucky enough to have a huge injection of new books into our class library recently, so we spent some time ‘tasting’ the new books and making notes about which ones we would like to read soon.

Finally, we celebrated our current class book- Wonder. We read some more of the book together, and then discussed the ‘precepts’ that Mr Browne had given his class in the book. We spoke about what precepts we could use to guide us in our lives and wrote our own. We then drew a self portrait in the style of the Wonder front cover, and adorned it with our new precept. It was great to spend some time thinking deeply about kindness and how to be the best versions of ourselves- just like Auggie in Wonder.

Check out our classroom door!

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