Shang Dynasty battle strategies

LKS2 looked at conflict in Ancient Civilisations this week and compared the battle strategies of the Shang Dynasty with those of the Indus Valley civilisation and the Ancient Sumerians.

We discussed the different tactics required by different physical landscapes and how this led to the evolution of technology such as bronze-tipped arrows and spears and the use of chariots.

We surveyed the lower playground from the upper playground and discussed the advantages of literally having the higher ground in battle.

We then moved into the Wildlife Area to think about conflict in the dense jungles of the Indus Valley and were astounded at how effectively you can conceal nearly 30 people using just one tree!

Surveying a possible battleground
Now you see them…
Now you don’t – yes they are all there!
The reaction when shown the ‘now you don’t’ picture.

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