UKS2 DT Bridges

Having learned all the different designs of bridges in the real word- from triangulation to suspension- we designed and built our own! Firstly we planned what kind of bridge we wanted to make, using the engineering skills we have gained over this project. But just like real engineers, our plans and designs were a work in progress and during the make stage we adapted and annotated our plans.

We used predominantly lolly sticks and hot glue guns during the make stage, working carefully and nearly to try to get rigid & stable structures, but without wasting resources (just like real life engineers!).

After the make stage, was the stress test! The design brief stated that all bridges must be 10cm wide, at least 30 cm long and hold 500g of weight at any point along the bridge. It was nerve wracking testing them- but everyone succeeded!

Finally, we evaluated with other teams what went well and not so well in our design and build and thought about how our design could be adapted if we were to make it again.

One team’s truss bridge using triangulation
A well-engineered suspension bridge
A beam bridge with supporting towers and piers
A truss bridge with the piers usually found on a beam bridge for extra reinforcement

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