Poetry in Year 4

We spent the last couple of weeks of term focusing on poetry – listening to it, performing it, discussing it and, most importantly, enjoying it!

Revelling in the fact that you can ‘bend the rules’ with poetry, which allows you more freedom of expression, we spent many a lesson coming up with fantastic ways to paint pictures with words.

Our learning was based on the Kit Wright poem, The Magic Box and we finally wrote our own poems, inspired by this piece of work.

One of the most joyful experiences I have had as a teacher was listening to almost every child in the class share their work and they were the living embodiment of the St. Margaret’s vision of all children as creative learners and confident communicators.

Some children agreed to be videoed but trying to upload videos of all the children’s work would break the blog! Here is a small selection of performances and hopefully you’ve had a performance at home.

Some of the other glorious wordplay we were treated to included:

I will put into my box:

The calm cyan sound of the shimmering sea

The annoying whine of a microphone’s feedback

The first screech of a violin, as painful as a headache

The stinging juice of a green kiwi

My box is forged from shimmering sapphire and precious pearls.

My box is made from the sharp talons of a dragon and the scales of a viper.

In my box I shall soar over the diamond-clear ocean and swim in the topaz-blue sky,

I shall bathe in an infinite stream and sprint in space.

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