Reception and Year 4 den building

Reception and Year 4 buddied up this afternoon to build den prototypes.

Each group had a Year 4/Reception duo working as one of the following roles: project manager, architect, supplier and builder.

The children worked so beautifully with each other and showed typical St. Margaret’s creativity, kindness and resilience as well as some very impressive critical thinking skills. Design not working? Not a problem, let’s work out what was successful and try again. Running out of equipment? Ask the other team for supplies.

I think Year 4 were surprised and impressed to hear their Reception counterparts making suggestions such as, “We need a counterbalance on here.” and , “We should make a map on the floor then build up from there.”

We certainly had a brilliant time, it is such a joy to be able to work with other year groups again – here’s to lots more collaborations in the future!

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