Evaporation and Condensation in LKS2

Years 3 & 4 learned about these 2 scientific concepts this week and added them to our knowledge of states of matter.

We began the day by wetting two cloths, one of which was wrung out and the other left soaking. We made predictions about what we would see by lunchtime. Most people felt that the wrung out cloth may dry but that the soaking one would not have had enough time for the water to drip out.

After lunch, we discovered that the wrung out cloth was completely dry and the soaked one was mostly dry apart from the bottom edge. We also saw a puddle of water under the cloths, which got smaller as the day went on.

The children watched water coming to the boil and observed what visible changes occurred we then looked what happened when the hot steam from the pan hit the cold window of the classroom.

We then concluded that the cloths were drying and the puddle shrinking because of evaporation and the window misting up because of condensation.

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