UKS2 Science

Wondering what board games you’ll be playing during the holidays? Worry no more – Years 5 and 6 know how to make their own!

This week in Science, UKS2 investigated how to make a matching game using card, split pins, wires, a battery and a buzzer or bulb. We first devised questions and answers to match up, then jumbled them up when sticking them to the card. Then we used split pins as buttons, connecting the answer button with the question button at the back of the card using wire (making sure the wire was fully connected to the split pins so that the energy could flow through). Once we were sure our questions and answers were linked, we connected our power source (battery), to our sound/light source (buzzer/bulb) using wires.

Our games only worked when we touched the wires to the correct question/answer combination – showing us that we were correct by sounding the buzzer or lighting the bulb. If we were wrong, nothing happened because only a correct answer would result in a closed circuit.

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