Year 2 Travel Back to Pudding Lane in 1666

Year 2 had an amazing day in the City of London walking the streets and seeing remains of churches that were destroyed by the Great Fire of London. We were taken back in time to 1666 by our amazing blue badge guide, Laura, who gave us all an insight into what life was like in 17th century London including the delights of rats and raw sewage in the streets. In beautiful winter sunshine, we walked across London Bridge to The Monument to the fire of London. We then walked to Pudding Lane, where the fire started and learned how it spread and how King Charles II helped get the fire under control and finally extinguished after 5 days. We visited the beautiful St Margaret Patten church that was rebuilt after the fire by Sir Christopher Wren.

When we got inside the church we were able to meet an official of the City of London, wear clothes that people wore in 1666 and write with an ink and quill 🪶! We also walked to a statue of Samuel Pepys whose diaries are a primary historical source which have taught us so much about what happened in 1666. It was a brilliant day and year 2 were amazing historians. Huge thanks must go to our wonderful parent helpers who made the trip possible.

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