LKS2 investigate the 3 States of Matter

LKS2 carried out a variety of investigations in order to learn more about the properties of solids, liquids and gases.

We moved ping pong balls with fans, observed what happened when you squeezed a sponge in and out of the water, weighed, felt and squashed (or tried to) balloons full of air, water and ice and performed… MAGIC!

Except it wasn’t magic, it was Science. Physics, to be precise. We scrunched up a tissue in the bottom of a plastic cup, turned it upside down, pushed it into a bowl of water and then pulled it out again to find that… THE TISSUE WAS DRY!

We worked out that the air in the cup prevented the water from filling up the space within the cup, meaning that the tissue stayed dry. When we tilted the cup, it was a different matter. Bubbles came to the surface, water rushed into the cup and the tissue became soaking wet.

The children observed:

“Gases are lighter than liquids and solids.”

“Gases do not hold a particular shape.”

“Sponges contain tiny holes. The holes contain air.”

Next week, we’ll be bringing our Egyptian History and our Science together – time for mummification.

Dry tissue
Things are about to get soggy!

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