UKS2 History

Our new history topic for this half term is The Kingdom of Benin.

After finding out that it was a civilisation in modern day Nigeria, and locating it on a map, we learned all about what made the location a great place for the Kingdom settle in the first place.

We imagined we were estate agents with the task of selling the Edo area to the potential settlers. The landscape offers rainforest, a river, and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean- perfect to fulfil all of a settlers needs.

We then learned how the Kingdom was set up as an inner city, surrounded by a rainforest area with dwellings too. The city was protected by a wall and a moat- in fact believed to be the largest man made structure in history!

We discussed the benefits of living within the city, or in the rainforest.

To end the lesson, we showcased our findings by summarising the main landscapes and settlements of the Kingdom of Benin with our partners.

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