Year 2 science; how can we make paper waterproof?

Today year 2 had a busy science afternoon! First they continued to explore what it means if a material is waterproof or absorbent. We discussed why materials are waterproof, such as metal and plastic and why they are absorbent such as a fabric and paper. The children then investigated making parts of their paper waterproof with wax crayons, putting a colour wash on top and watching the wax resit the water while the paper absorbed the paint. The results were exciting.

In the second half of the lesson the children were set a challenge to design a suitable home for a pet rabbit considering which materials they should use and why depending on the properties of those materials such strong, transparent, soft or waterproof. They were very imaginative and applied their knowledge excellently.

Finally in groups we are starting to plant spring bulbs in our small tyre garden. Well done year 2!

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