UKS2 Science

This week Years 5 and 6 investigated the effect of exercise on heart rate and collected data to show this. First, we analysed some data showing different heart rates throughout the day, discussing why the heart beats faster at certain points in the day (when we are awake). We also talked about how heart rates generally change as people age and compared some line graphs showing the effect of exercise on different people.

We practised finding our pulse in our chests, wrists and necks then took our resting pulse rates. After making a note of everybody’s pulse rates, we did some intense exercise for two minutes!

Working hard to get our blood pumping!
Analysing our tally chart of how many people fit into each category.
Displaying our results in a bar chart.

We reviewed our results and found out how many of our pulse rates stayed low and whose increased. We learnt that by exercising regularly, we stay fitter and therefore our heart rates remain lower after exercise.

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