UKS2 Science – Heart dissection!

By examining a ‘pluck’ as a class, we identified where the heart sits in relation to the lungs and how the organs are connected via the pulmonary artery and vein.

After this, the children were given a lamb’s heart per pair to dissect. We discussed the difference between the arteries and veins, identified the superior vena cava, pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein and aorta using coloured straws to represent deoxygenated or oxygenated blood and made incisions into the heart to find the four chambers and the valves between each atrium and ventricle. By consulting a diagram while dissecting the hearts, we were able to map the way the blood flows around the heart and explain it clearly. The children worked very sensibly, carefully and methodically. We may have some future surgeons on our hands!

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