Recycle, Reuse and Help Early Years!

Would you like to have a declutter and do a good deed?

If you have any old dress up clothes, toys, materials (like patterned scarves and throws etc) and old costume jewellery that you would like to get rid of, we will happily take it off your hands. It will be sorted and anything we don’t use will be taken to the charity shop on your behalf.

If your children have grown out of things/toys and would like to share them then they will make Preschool and Reception very happy.

In other news, I will be building a water wall for Preschool in the holidays. If you have any spare pipes, tubes or plumbing equipment that you would like to contribute that would be fabulous. If you’d like to build it with me, the more the merrier! Just get in touch. Thanks, Tamsin

We love all these dresses that our friends in big school have grown out of!

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