UKS2 Greek Day

We had a great time this week diving straight into our topic… Ancient Greece!

For Greek day, we made and tasted some Greek inspired dishes including Greek salad, spinach and feta filo parcels and Greek honey cake.

Did you know that The Olympics originated in Ancient Greece all those thousands of years ago? Despite the fighting between the city states, every 4 years a truce would be called and the Greeks would get together to compete in their favourite sports; running, fighting, chariot racing, discus and javelin. We tried out some (less violinist) versions of the Greeks favourite sports in our own mini-Olympics.

The armour race- carrying heavy bags as fast as we can!
Ankle Wresting
Long jump
Discus and javelin

One really important thing that the Greeks have given us is democracy. In our city states we each elected a leader to stand for ultimate ruler of Ancient Greece! After drafting a speech as a group, our leaders made their cases and we conducted an election. Congratulations to our winning Kings and Queens!

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