UKS2 DT – Cams

We have been very excited in UKS2 to be starting our new DT project- designing and making a CAM toy. We looked at some examples of CAMs in motion, and discussed how we thought they worked… using reciprocating motion to produce linear or rotary movement.

After, we created research boards of the different CAM shapes using card and split pins to see what motion they would produce.

Using our knowledge of CAMs, we investigated how to build our own using tech-card , cardboard and sticks. Miss Higgitt and Miss Ramsden were cruel enough not to give us any instructions, so we had to use our problem solving skills and new knowledge of CAMs to find solutions. After a few attempts and lots of thought, we all produced some CAMs mechanisms. Our teacher were really proud of our determination and creativity!

This attempt didn’t work! Why? We had too much friction causing our cam and follower to get stuck!

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