What was life like in Roman Britain?

Years 3 and 4 honed their research skills this week, using different sources to find out about life in Roman Britain.

We had 4 different areas of focus: town life, country life, entertainment and family life & education.

The children had their iPads and headphones at the ready so could scan QR codes in order to access videos, audio tracks and interactive maps and diagrams telling them about each focus area.

Town life

They also had written sources to look at and had a short period of time in which to gather information from all the different sources and to make notes about the area of focus.

This is a really difficult skill to master and they did a great job of sifting through different sources of information in order to find the most important points.

Education and family life

We looked particularly at the similarities and differences between Roman life in Britain and life today and found that whilst many of the finer details have changed, there are a lot more similarities than we may have first thought!

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