Mosaic Masters in LKS2

As a companion to our Emperors and Empires History topic, we’ve been looking at mosaics as an art form.

We began by looking at examples of mosaics from Roman times and marvelled at how well-preserved some of them were. We looked at commonly-used border patterns and tried imitating them. We then saw how mosaics are still used today, particularly in places such as bathrooms, and talked about the durability and other properties of the materials used.

Moving into our sketch books, we began to design and develop ideas for our own mosaics, focusing on colour palettes, sketching skills and appropriate materials to use for the final product. We then developed our ideas further by combining different borders in order to create a variety of designs within our work.

We’ll be getting our hands on actual tiles before the end of term, so are looking forward to turning our concepts into a finished product.

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