Mirrors and reflection in LKS2

Years 3 and 4 have continued their learning about light with some further investigation into mirrors and reflection.

We have investigated the fact that we need light to see and drawn simple conclusions on this subject. We then focused on the concept of reflection and used mirrors to generate and answer questions and to discuss and record our findings and conclusions.

We wrote a simple message, reflected it in a mirror and then copied the reflection. We found that it was difficult to read the mirror writing, but that when we reflected the mirror message, we could see the original.

We then had a go at tracing over a maze, which should be simple enough – unless you are only allowed to look at the maze’s reflection. This made things far trickier!

Finally, we used a hinged mirror to investigate multiple reflections and how they change when the mirrors are manipulated.

Mirror writing
It’s harder than you think!

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